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Posted by Cami on September 26, 2015 // 3 Comments

This post, along with the previous two posts, will be removed when we open to the public for pre-joining. It’s only here to show OLD members what has been changed / will be changed.

– Level Ups & Masteries have been moved to the forum as I don’t check my email enough to keep an accurate log of that on my own.
– Monthly deck donation limit will be 4 decks instead of 6. This is mostly to make things easier on members during double donation month(s).

– 2 new forum games: Kaitou’s Crossword & Question of the Week. You’ll have to come to the site for the “crossword” image. The clues will be ON THE IMAGE. This is because not everyone will have the same one. Question of the Week is basically a board-wide discussion. You can post multiple times but will be rewarded for a maximum of 3 posts.
– Themed Collect is now “Kuroko’s Group Collect” as the decks we’ll be collecting as a team will not always be themed.
– The new mascot for Card Chain is everyone’s favorite mafia tutor, Reborn! Maybe people will contribute more this time around?
– Lucky Match will now reward cards for the number of matches that you have. This means you’ll receive a consolation prize if you have no matches. This is still the only site-based game that does not log rewards when logged in. I may change this in the future.

– Series-based “fevers.” Mastering or donating a deck for a specific series will yield double random card rewards. This excludes choice cards. There will also be a series “bundle” that costs 12 hearts during these times. A fever will never take place during a double donation month.
– Optional trade card images. If, for some reason, the forum doesn’t allow you to include your logs, a trade card graphic that has been filled in will be sufficient. These cannot yet be donated as I haven’t created a template, so there’s no set size for them.
– To ease the workload of service moderators, custom master badges are not going to be available to everyone. As much as I liked doing it in the past, it’s time-consuming for me to make one for every single character deck mastery.
– Level royalties / level tiers. I have not yet decided which. Right now, though, we’re going with royalties.

edit; The “confirmation of registration” question(s) should be easier to answer now as I have actually specified where the answers can be found. Basic English skills should hopefully be enough to help answer the questions now. (Because of this, though, I’m going to count on you guys to report any spam users.) Anybody still having trouble with registration should contact me and I’ll create the account for you (with a randomized password that I won’t save, but you should still change it as soon as you login).


Posted by Cami on September 14, 2015 // 2 Comments

All of our current decks will soon be revamped. This can take a few weeks to several months so I’m not going to give a reopening date. I still have all donations – including all Paradise donations so you can rest assured that I’ll at least be using your images.

The template is not changing. I’m just making it so that the borders aren’t the exact same for each deck.

As for the custom master badges? We’ll be keeping those but leveling up and mastery will be moved to the forum so that emails don’t get lost on the server again. This also means that you have to keep your cards in your collecting page until masteries are approved.

Badges will no longer be numbered since they don’t display in the correct order most of the time anyway.

New member cards? Members that haven’t quit can choose to keep their member card or get a fresh new one, which will retire the old card.

Since some deck makers have left months ago, I’ll be needing new ones. Those who are interested should email me [cami@eternal-summer.net]. I’ll also be needing more staff as the revamped version will be largely forum-based.

edit; I’ve decided to start fresh and clear out the member & card database. The reason for this is because there were simply too many decks for me to be able to revamp them all smoothly. Rather than letting people start off from their old level, people can completely refresh their collections. There will be one master badge template – the base template used for puzzle/theme decks will simply say “NAME mastered Deck Name” and will use the image of your choice. This is going to be done to make things easier on me so I don’t have to try and guess the order that the badges will be displayed on your trade posts.

I know for a fact that some people reached level 8, at least. Because of this, the site will not re-open until I the card database has enough cards to let people reach their old levels. Rejoin packs, with the exception of those who reached level 4 or lower will only allow people to get to half of their previous level. Why not their original level? Because that will make mastering decks way too fast for them. In order to make them put at least a few weeks of effort into collecting decks, I’ll be maxing it out at level four. Level 5 members will be put at level 3 and level 7 members get straight to level 4 when re-joining.

In order to get the re-join pack, you MUST have a forum account. I’m going to try and make it so that people have to answer some question upon registration so that I don’t have to manually approve accounts all the time (and to lower spam accounts). The forum will be our main service provider to make things a bit easier on me.

Deck Suggestions!

Posted by Cami on August 12, 2014 // 0 Comments

Making a post for deck suggestions simply because I’m not going to remember to always look at forum threads that I make whilst I work on everything.

If you suggest a VN, please make sure there are several CGs readily available for all the male characters. If you can provide the CG pack, that’s even better since it saves me time. Unfortunately, I only have one game at my disposal since I bought it in my freshman year at uni (Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards) so I’d love it if you could give me any CG packs that you have.

Non-explicit boys’ love CGs are also accepted – but yuri isn’t since it’s rather unlikely that there will be males in that. If the MC is bisexual/bicurious/pansexual, just remove any f/f images.

Anime/manga decks are a bit easier. If you plan to donate, just make sure that you only provide official artwork. Colored fanart can be a last resort, though.

(The fanart bit applies to VNs as well)

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